Project Fremontia is FINALLY complete!

Project Fremontia is FINALLY complete!

  • Alex Peau
  • 11/3/22

Here's a look at a before & after of a house we acquired for investment with the plan of fixing and reselling.

It took us over 6 months(longer than we would have liked) to rehab and renovate the whole property. Every investment comes with a calculated risk and going into a massive renovation project it's important to due your due diligence. 

This project ended up going way over budget. We estimated this rehab to cost $120K and ended up costing closer to $200k. Not every house is going to be a home run but there was certainly a lot gained in the experience and lessons that I will be applying on the next project. 

The positive here is that the house turned out great and that the house will be enjoyed by a loving family for many years to come!



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